Mancini (ManJas)


From Paris, France, Mancini has always been attracted by music. First inspiration by Rock, he started playing guitar in a band, then slowly he discovered electronic music at the end of the 90′s. The idea of playing his own music selection and making dance people was dangerously growing up in his mind! On 2001 a meeting on a beach will convince him to buy his turntables.

By the years, his style get maturity. Melody, sensitivity but mostly rhythms define the best his vision of House music! His dj sets are a spontaneous mixture of grooves fueled by the reactions of his crowd. Since 2005, Mancini started to produce his own music, that he describes as a mixture of groove, deep and melodic House music.

In parallel of this project, Mancini also made part of the duo Manjas with John Jastszebski.

Out on Signatune Records

Mancini (ManJas) – Need Heat (SGT02)

Out on others labels

Mancini (ManJas) – Addiction EP (Not for us Records)
Mancini (ManJas) – Let’s get it (Greelpound)